Friday, July 1, 2011

What I Found in My Backyard

A couple of days ago, I found something interesting in my backyard. My dog, Mocha, was looking in the wood pile under our back porch. I went to go see what Mocha was looking at. It was a bat! I called my mom and dad to come look. We took pictures. After we went back inside, we looked up "bats of Colorado" on the Internet. We learned that it must have been a brown bat. I wanted to give the bat fruit, but we learned that they eat bugs. Then I wanted to feed it ladybugs, but my mom didn't let me. A little while later, I went to go look at it again. I thought it was gone. My dad came out, and I asked him, "Which piece of wood was it on again?" He picked it up. The bat was hanging upside down! We took more pictures. When it started to get cooler, we kept checking on it. It was now closer to our patio window, and it was stretching its wings! Then, it went back to sleep. The next time I checked, it was gone for real.

Brown Interesting Facts About Bats:

Bats are nocturnal which means they are active at night.
People are sometimes afraid of bats, but I am not because I know they will not hurt me unless I bother them.
I also know that they are good for the environment because they eat bugs.


  1. Nice job, Isa!

  2. hi isa its grampa what a cool bat, one time i found a bat and we hung out together but my legs fell asleep and i droped out of the tree, i think it was because i was upsidedown and all the blood went to my head, plus with all the blood going go my head my neck got bigger and he kept looking at my neck like he was hungry, so i offered him my candy bar a blooderfinger but his mom said he had to much suger already, so i asked him if he wanted to play baseball since i had the ball and he was a bat, but he said no because it would give him a headache so we played marbles but he wanted to use cateye marbles but i said no, i couldnt catch a cat anyway. love grampa.

  3. Hi Isa, it's your Nino Chris. That's awesome that you got a chance to see a real live bat up close! Were you scared at all? Your Nina would have been super scared! I would have been very interested too! I really like that you are taking that encounter as an educational opportunity! It's great that you are able to share your discovery with others! Keep up the fun learning! Love Nino

  4. Ha, ha, Grandpa! I don't think you can play baseball with this kind of bat, though. :)

  5. Thank you, Nino. I think Nina would be pretty scared. She's scared of moths! (Well, all bugs almost . . . not my caterpillar, though).

  6. Isa, I love how you are so excited about learning and how much you love animals & insects! You set such a good example for lots of people, kids and adults! Keep up the good work :) p.s. I'm glad I wasn't too close to that brown bat...I would have been scared :)

    love, Nina