Friday, August 5, 2011

Saving a Snake

Look Closely!

I found a garter snake in my yard. It was hurt! I took it into my house, and I kept it overnight. In the morning, we were going to let it go, but we decided it needed some more time to heal. Look at the pictures. You can see it was injured after eating a mouse. The mouse's leg is sticking out of the snake's body!

Slimy Snake Secrets

Lots of people think snakes are slimy, but they are not. They are smooth. 

Some snakes are venomous and harmful to humans, but garter snakes are not.

Many people call these garden snakes, but they are actually garter snakes. The full name is Western Terrestrial Garter Snake. Watch the short clip below of another family finding some of these snakes while hiking.